Friday, November 13, 2009

Descriptions of My Web-logs

Descriptions of My Web-logs:

This blogsite consists of URLs to each of my various blogs.

About Words presents interesting words and their definitions, usually accompanied by a picture illustrating some aspect of the word. New posts are entered several times a week.

Limericks, Haiku and Eggs offers limericks, haiku and curiosities involving eggs, written by me, and refreshed several times a week.

Photographs by Jack Wilson features photographs taken by me over the decades. It is occasionally added to.

Jewelry by Jack Wilson contains photographs of jewelry I have made.

Bird Drawings by Jack Wilson has scans of simple drawings of birds I have made.

Art by Jack Wilson is an ongoing blog showing works of art by me ranging from electronically produced paintings through water colors, line drawings and oil or acrylic paintings. It is updated from time to time.

Writing - Jack Wilson has some examples of my short story writing and poetry.

Esperanto Translations - Jack Wilson contains a number of translations by me from Esperanto into English of stories poems and songs.

Cats has photographs of my two cats; Cherokee and Chiricahua in various poses.

This links blog contains live links to each of these blogs. I hope you enjoy visiting them.


Jack Wilson (Kriko)